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Are you tired of ordinary shoes? Transform your passion into a career with Footgear internships in South Africa! Swap mundane shoebox thinking for hands-on experiences in design studios and cutting-edge factories. Become a co-designer in the footgear revolution, crafting the next iconic pair. Step into a world where every stitch and trend contributes to your journey in building a footwear empire. It’s more than an internship; it’s your front-row seat to a stylish future!

Footgear Internships Program 2024 Overview:

Location South Africa
Closing Date 02 Feb 2024
Salary Discuss in the interview
Duration 2-3 Months
Program Type Internship
Industry Retail

About Footgear Internships in South Africa:

Ready to trade textbooks for trend forecasting? Here’s your checklist:

  • Be a proud South African citizen or permanent resident. Bring Mzansi’s vibrancy to the global footwear stage!
  • Possess relevant skills and qualifications depending on the internship you choose. Design wizards, manufacturing mavericks, and retail rockstars – it’s your time to shine!
  • Demonstrate a thirst for learning, a can-do attitude, and a passion for shoes that’ll make Cinderella herself envious. Think quick-thinking problem solver meets collaborative teammate with a style as bold as your blueprints!
  • Be a go-getter with a positive vibe and a desire to make a real difference in the way people express themselves through their footwear. This is your chance to leave your mark on a company shaping the future of fashion!

Documents Required:

Get ready to say “shoein” to your footgear adventure with these essentials:

  • Your updated CV, showcasing your skills and achievements. Make it a masterpiece that screams “footwear intern in the making!”
  • Certified copies of your academic qualifications and transcripts. Show them your academic pedigree!
  • A recent portfolio or design samples (if applicable). Let your visual voice speak volumes!
  • Proof of residency. Let them know where to find your future footgear HQ!


Beyond the invaluable experience and industry knowledge, footgear internships offer a treasure trove of perks that’ll keep your motivation soaring:

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  • Competitive stipend to fuel your post-meeting cappuccinos (or post-production sneakers)!
  • Exposure to cutting-edge design trends, innovative materials, and the latest footwear technologies. Level up your shoe vocabulary!
  • Networking opportunities with top professionals in the field. Build your future footgear squad!
  • The chance to contribute to real-world projects and make a tangible difference in the way people experience footwear fashion. Leave your mark on a company creating trends, not just following them!
  • And most importantly, the unparalleled satisfaction of working with passionate teams, shaping the future of South African footwear, and experiencing the thrill of an internship that turns your shoe dream into your reality!

How to Apply:

Ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? Here’s your roadmap:

  • Visit the websites of leading South African footwear companies and explore their range of exciting Internship opportunities across all departments. Find your perfect shoebox playground!
  • Select the internship that aligns with your skills and interests. Be bold, choose something that sets your footgear heart racing!
  • Click “Apply” and complete the online application form. Show them your dedication to building a career in the heart of the footwear industry!
  • Attach your CV, documents, and portfolio. Make a lasting impression!
  • Submit your application and get ready to unlock your potential with amazing footwear companies!

Apply Now!


Ready to make your mark in footgear fashion? Answer the call for creative minds with South African footgear internships. Unleash your problem-solving skills, join a dedicated team, and take steps toward crafting your legacy in the world of footgear fashion. Start your journey now!

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