Henkel Internships For Students & Graduates 2024 Latest Opportunities

Henkel Internships provide diverse opportunities in Consumer Goods, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Research & Development, and Engineering. Located in various regions like Henkel Internships South Africa and Henkel Internships Germany, interns can immerse themselves in renowned brands like Schwarzkopf, Persil, and Loctite. These student and graduate internships offer valuable paid experiences, requiring skills such as communication, problem-solving, analytical skills, and teamwork. Whether you aspire to excel in marketing strategies, sales techniques, product development, or logistics operations, Henkel Internships offer a platform to hone your talents and contribute to innovative projects. Proficiency in English or German may be necessary depending on the location and department. Don’t miss the chance to jumpstart your career with Henkel Internships and gain hands-on experience in the dynamic world of consumer goods. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey towards professional growth and success.

Henkel Internships Program 2024 Overview:

Location South Africa
Salary Discuss in the interview
Duration 2-3 Months
Program Type Internship
Industry Manufacturing

About Henkel:

Henkel, a global leader in the consumer goods industry, boasts a rich legacy of innovation and excellence. With a diverse portfolio of brands like Schwarzkopf, Persil, and Loctite, Henkel continues to shape markets and inspire consumers worldwide. Renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability, Henkel’s products span various categories, from personal care and home care to adhesives and sealants. Leveraging cutting-edge research and development, Henkel continually introduces breakthrough solutions that meet evolving consumer needs while minimizing environmental impact.

In addition to its product innovation, Henkel offers rewarding career opportunities through its internships and employment programs. Aspiring professionals can explore roles in marketing, sales, supply chain, research and development, and engineering. These positions provide hands-on experience, allowing individuals to develop vital skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Whether you’re a student or a graduate, Henkel’s internships offer a platform to kickstart your career and make meaningful contributions to the industry. Join Henkel today and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and success in the dynamic world of consumer goods.

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Available Internships:

  1. Global Training and Communications Intern
  2. Internship Marketing – Brand Management
  3. Territory Sales Engineer Internship


To qualify for Henkel Internships, candidates must possess relevant degrees or diplomas in fields such as marketing, sales, supply chain, research and development, or engineering. Strong analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication are essential attributes. Proficiency in English is mandatory, while knowledge of other languages may be advantageous.

Stipend For Henkel Internships:

  1. Marketing Internship – Stipend: ZAR 8,000 per month
  2. Sales Internship – Stipend: ZAR 7,500 per month
  3. Supply Chain Internship – Stipend: ZAR 9,000 per month
  4. Research & Development Internship – Stipend: ZAR 8,500 per month
  5. Engineering Internship – Stipend: ZAR 10,000 per month


Participating in Henkel Internships offers a multitude of benefits. Interns gain hands-on experience in their respective fields, working alongside industry experts and mentors. Professional development opportunities, training workshops, and networking events facilitate growth and advancement. Moreover, interns have the opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of consumer goods innovation and make a meaningful impact on the industry.

How to Apply:

To apply for Henkel Internships, interested candidates can visit the official website and complete the online application form. It is crucial to ensure all required documents, including resumes, cover letters, and academic transcripts, are prepared and submitted accurately. The Henkel recruitment team meticulously reviews each application, considering qualifications, experience, and suitability for the internship positions.

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Henkel Internships present a gateway to diverse opportunities across Consumer Goods, Marketing, Sales, and more. Dive into renowned brands like Schwarzkopf and Persil, honing skills in communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. With locations spanning Henkel Internships South Africa to Henkel Internships Germany, seize the chance to contribute to innovative projects and gain hands-on experience. Whether you’re delving into product development or logistics operations, Henkel Internships offer a launchpad for career growth. Proficiency in English or German may be required, depending on the department and location. Don’t let this chance pass by; apply now to kickstart a rewarding journey towards professional success and development in the dynamic realm of consumer goods.

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